Artist Review: Pete Moss

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Pete MossFollowing his beginnings providing soundtracks for sunrises up and down the East Coast, Pete Moss settled himself down in Philly, a city with a warm reception to the soulful sounds of his selections. Having gathered equipment along the way, he focused intently on production and gained encouragement and inspiration form the musical clan that existed there which included the likes of King Britt, Josh Wink, and the whole Ovum cast & crew. Pete developed into one of dance music's finest talents and reminds us constantly with his late night sets and soulful and impecable production skills. Read More ...


Artist Review: Addex

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Addex is a solo project from Romania. His sound is atmospheric deep house with summer sounds, dubby chords, heavy pads and with grooving bongo percussion. Began listening electronic music at age of 10, and with years, many various genres was capture his attention wich was an inspiration and a study case. Read More ...

Artist Review: Ron Trent

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Considered to be one of the architects of the Chicago music scene, Ron studied and collected various types of music as a young boy, taking cues from his father who ran a record pool in the late 70's. Later, becoming a respected DJ in his early teens in the mid 80's. Ron began to work on his own productions, which lead to his first release, the highly recognized classic "Altered States" in 1990, giving him international acclaim. Through his 13 year old Prescription Records, Ron has notched up an extensive back catalogue of his own productions and introduced several key players. Prescription Records is widely regarded as one of the most influential Deep House imprints of the period.

In the early 90's, Ron collaborated with House/R&B team Hula & Fingers, producers for Jive records and production credits with Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Kool Mo D, High Five, Lidell Townsend and MTF. Under the direction of Hula & Fingers, Ron began to develop his skills as a producer and musician by incorporating his training as a percussionist along with developing skills on the keyboards. After several releases on Club Records, Hula & Fingers classic imprint, Ron went on to form his own label with renowned vocalist/producer Chez Damier.

In 1993, Ron and Chez began creating the template for what would become the signature Prescription sound, eventually finding it's way into various remix and writing production hits, and implementing the conception of Prescription Records. Prescription Records, together with it's sister label Balance, introduced the likes of Anthony Nicholson, Abacus, Glen Underground (CVO), Moody Man, Norma Jean Bell, Joshua, Peven Everett, Rob Mello, and Luke Solomon to the world. During its course, Prescription Records became known for issuing superbly produced, often epic dance music by drawing influences from all over the globe and delighting club goers, as well as DJs with its highly unique sound.

Ron's sound expanded in 1997 with the release of the dance classic "Ncame U". With writing partner Anthony Nicholson, famed vocalist D'bora, and Peven Everett on trumpet, this record launched Ron onto the NYC dance scene. After Ron's move to NYC, he quickly gained respect as a DJ/Producer by doing various gigs at Body and Soul, Shelter and hosting his own events at the legendary nightclub Vinyl in downtown Manhattan.

Ron's DJ and production skills caught the attention of the owners of Giant Step. Together, they began to create a new sound that would lead the way for the future of Giant Step the club and Giant Step the label. In 2000, Ron started his residency with Giant Step at Shine, bringing forth a fusion of Neo Soul, Jazz Funk and World music, while merging it into a dance formula. The party, "Giant Step Weekly Sessions", sponsored by Levi's and Evian, played host to many loyal weekly followers. With Ron's vast knowledge of music and Giant Step's thirst for the cutting edge, the event became one of the most top rated nights in NYC.

Ron's in house productions on the Giant Step/Sony label, featured artists such as Amel Larrieux, Jody Watley, Anastacia, Donnie, Carl Hancock Rux, Lina, Jill Scott, Eyrkah Badu just to name a few. His productions lead him to work with other greats including Tony Allen, Chucho Valdes, Papa Weba, 4Hero, Amp Fiddler, Groove Collective, as well as various other world artists.

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Artist Review: Anthony Mea

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Antonio Mea, aka Anthony Mea, is an italian dj / producer; whose musical journey began at a young age, and then perfected over the years.
2011 marks the year of his debut with the publication of several releases with various famous and historical labels such as Armada, Large, Street Kings, I!Records, Spring Tube ... however, not focused on a unique musical genre.
Deep-House, Soulful and Drum & Bass, are the styles that have marked its beginning and the continuation of its work.

His songs were often present in Traxsource TOP 100 deep house / soulful and its activity has been appreciated and supported by international DJs of trance and house scene, including Armin Van Buuren, Solarstone, Matt Darey,Roger Sanchez, Larry Heard, Jamie Lewis and many others.

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